Boys and Girls Club gives awards to two outstanding girls

Publicado por Rosy Torres el viernes, marzo 11, 2016

Two more awards for excellence presented the Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito to Andrea García Cancino 12 years of age and 13 Esmeralda Esquivel Plascencia.

Both girls from Secondary School #32 Abraham Lincoln joined the list of outstanding students who have given a good name to the Boys and Girls Club, as did the young national hammer throw medalists García Clayra Freyding.

With two and three years of attending the Boys and Girls Club, respectively, Esmeralda and Andrea have developed impressive skills in almost all artistic and sporting disciplines, reflected in their academic performance in their school.

Harp, violin, guitar, painting, drawing and athletics are some of the disciplines and activities that have highlighted these two girls.

"The main thing for me is the harp and guitar, but I'm focusing more on the harp, I really like it. Since I had the first contact with a harp it attracted me much to learn how to play it."

"Thanks to my harp teacher Charlie Silva and my family I was able to have my own harp, It was the biggest surprise for me, because the harp is what I like to play," said little Andrea.

Her friend Esmeralda says she doesn't play the harp as well as she does, but she remembers that through her she managed to discover her vocation for this interesting instrument, when she saw and listen to her play the harmonious music of the harp.

Both girls were given lifelong scholarships by an international Foundation thanks to efforts of the Boys and Girls Club.

It is an economic scholarship covering educational expenses until their college education.

"We always wanted to have a scholarship and we could never get it. We applied everywhere and they never gave us anything. When they said that thanks to the Club we could have a scholarship, we were very happy, "said the girls who narrated their experience with the Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito, which has completely changed their lives and future.

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