The Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito receives a Major Donation

Rosy Torres, the President of Rosarito’s Boys and Girls Club, had tears in her eyes on Saturday morning December 19th. Before you get alarmed, please note that they were tears of JOY! She had just opened an envelope from Edward Marsh, the producer of the recent critically acclaimed “El Gran Concierto” featuring Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan accompanied by the 64 member Bi-National Symphony, held one week earlier at the Baja California Center. The envelope contained a check for $50,000!

Marsh, a long time fan of Mexico’s macho music and a more recent resident of Rosarito, has been a supporter of the local organization that helps at-risk children achieve their full potential ever since relocating south-of-the-border a little over three years ago. It was a logical move for him since he was conceived by his parents sixty years ago when they spent their honeymoon at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Rosy (and, full disclosure, the editor of The Baja Times, who also happens to be the Vice President of the Club) met Marsh for the first time over six years ago when he attended the 1st Annual Rosarito Beach International Mariachi & Folklorico Festival back in 2010. Just a little over two years later, after the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (U.N.E.S.C.O.) recognized mariachi as Mexico’s premier cultural contribution to mankind’s heritage, he joined them as Secretary-Treasurer of the Club He spearheaded efforts to add three-days of Talleres (Music Workshops) to the event’s schedule and donated over a hundred musical instruments to help fill the void created when instrumental music instruction was removed from the country’s public school curriculum eighty years before.

Everyone present at the ceremony on December 19th also saw tears (of joy, as well) in Marsh’s eyes as he watched 11 year old prodigy, Andrea Garcia Cancino peform on one of the six folk harps he donated to the organization.

After two years of helping el mejor mariachi del mundo, Mariachi Vargas, headline the 4th and 5th Annual Festivals (sold out events), he decided to pursue his dream of having Vargas perform with an international symphony directed by the Conductor, Jose Guadalupe Flores, of the renowned Queretaro (MX) Symphony, at Rosarito’s new concert hall/convention center facility on the recent evening celebrating the Feast of The Virgin of Guadalupe. He promised that the Boys and Girl’s Club of Rosarito would receive a $100 donation for each ticket sold.

Rosy Torres was still crying when she stated that “…I wasn’t expecting it. I thought we would get 3 or 4 thousand dollars, but never $50,000.” Those who saw this world-class athlete, the Pan-American Games Gold Medalist in racquetball back in 2003, so overwhelmed, will never forget the sight.

On January 27th, the Club will begin operations in their new under-construction facility in Colonia Lucio Blanco. With nearly 35,000 square feet of buildings/playing fields still to be complete, Edward Marsh’s donation will be put to good use. And as his production company puts the finishing touches on the combination DVD/CD of the first event to be released in June… as well as continues to ‘take the show on the road’ internationally in 2016 and beyond… his commitment to continue providing this causa noble with a portion of the profits moving forward bodes well for completing the remaining two phases of his beloved charity.

Viva Edward Marsh, your continuing altruismo… and that of the many expatriates who continue to contribute and volunteer... is what makes Rosarito such a special place for all who choose to make this rinconito al mar their home.

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