History of the Boys and Girls Club / Boys and Girls

Clubs of America 

We were fortunate to know the work of the institutions with greater experience

and prestige in the United States called Boys and Girls Clubs of America of

which generations of over 160 years have graduated personalities from

politics, culture and sports such as Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Michael

Jordan, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to name a few. 

This organization gave shelter for the birth of the first Boys & Girls Club of

Mexico, being Tijuana the spearhe
ad for this project in April 2008. 

Indicators of success of programs operated in BGCA 

An independent survey conducted by Louis Harris & Associates to alumni of

different Boys and Girls Clubs of America, found that for 73% of them, tutoring

and homework assistance represented the most important aspect within the


Notably another study by the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime;

whose goal is to help cities and countries to reduce crime, violence and

insecurity indicates that the Mentoring Program and Education, has developed

very successfully in the U.S., England and New Zealand, among others. The

evaluation of a youth mentoring program shows that 46% of them were less

likely to start using drugs, 27% less likely to consume alcohol, almost a third

were less likely to use violence, and had better family relationships and better

academic group and a control group that did not participate in the program


This study raises the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (Boys and Girls Clubs

of America) as an organization with a program that verifies its effectiveness.

Aimed at disadvantaged populations in big cities, clubs provide a wide range

of services, including family support and mentoring others. An evaluation of

the areas of social housing that I have these showed a 13% reduction in crime,

22% in the drug-related activity and 25% of the activity related to the crack and

cocaine clubs. Moreover these young participants in a program homework

help and tutoring, Learning Project, had 87% fewer school absences.



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