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A center that provides a space and the necessary tools so that vulnerable children and young people can express themselves and develop their talents and abilities.

We have a program that complements school schedules and includes artistic, sports, academic support and human development activities.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to anticipate the main problems that impact the lives of children between 6 and 16 years of age, such as delinquency, addictions, school dropout, unwanted pregnancies, child pornography, obesity, etc.

Featured Club Member

Hello, my name is Bryan Macías and today I want to tell you how my taste for music grew.

At the age of twelve I joined the Boys & Girls Club, there they showed me the facilities. There were two pianos on the platform, I remember someone playing the piano, but it didn't paid much attention. When the semester started, I was curious to see how it was played and after playing the first note I absolutely loved 

the warm and soft sound it emitted, and from that moment it began to change my life. I had a small piano, I tuned it and I started practicing with it. Little by little my musical knowledge grew.

My time at the club has been an experience that I will never forget. I made my best friends there and I had a lot of fun, always with activities and things to do throughout the day with different workshops and very good teachers. I learned the basics of computers, sports, racketball, crossfit, and one of the best experiences was when they took us surfing. From there, thanks to the instructors, I learned to swim.

In the club I had my first musical knowledge with the teacher Andrea. Another of my favorite activities was cycling with Professor David.

In time I found a music school where I enrolled and learned music. Currently I am studying high school, playing music and performing at club events when they ask me, all thanks to the club.


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